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Know what you have and what it's worth when you call on Gem Experts, located in Oakville, Ontario.

Our team of gem consultants and jewellery appraisers have the knowledge and discerning eye to tell you all you need to know about your jewellery. Our team can come to you, or you can visit our offices or retail stores. We have more than 50 years of experience, and have served our local communities for more than 10 years. With us, you'll always be able to see your jewellery being appraised, and you speak directly to the appraiser to ask any questions you like.


Accurate Jewellery Valuation & Gem Photomicrographs

Turn to Gem Experts for accurate jewellery valuation and important gem photomicrographs.

Jewellery valuation is important for any jewellery you own, whether you have just one piece or an entire estate. For instance, your insurance company will use it to determine your insurance value and rates, and estate and probate courts will need valuations before the process can be completed. We have a great deal of experience and knowledge of gems, fine jewellery, and watches, and it is reflected in every report we write. Click here for a sample probate listing. Gem Photomicrographs allows you to see each gem's unique characteristics that can be used to identify it. Our photomicrographs capture these details for your permanent record and let you see your gems in a fascinating new light.

Know Your Jewellery

It's important to know what you own and what it's worth. Jewellery valuation and gem photomicrographs from Gem Experts in Oakville, Ontario, can provide the information you need for insurance and documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's not uncommon for people to ask questions about the services we provide, especially considering some of these pieces are expensive. We provide the answers to our most common questions in an effort to make your search easier.

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