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There are plenty of questions our customers ask. Gem Experts wants to make your life easier, so we have collected some of the most common and share them here, so you can find the answers you need quickly. If these don't answer our particular question, feel free to contact our gem consultants and jewellery appraisers.

Why do I need my jewellery appraised for insurance purposes?
Whether you insure your jewellery individually or with your home insurance policy you need to provide your insurance company with adequate documentation, including quality description, digital photographs, and appropriate value sufficient for immediate replacement in case of loss, theft, or damage.

Who needs jewellery appraisals?
Anyone who purchased a new piece of jewellery, inherited a family heirloom, received as a gift, is looking to sell their jewellery, or needs an update on previous appraisal.

How often do I need to update my jewellery appraisals?
It is recommended to update your appraisals every two to three years due to fluctuation in gold, precious stones, and currency to ensure the appraised value is up to date and you have adequate insurance coverage.

How much should an appraisal document cost?
The cost of your appraisal document will depend on the complexity of your jewellery. Gem Experts will assess your pieces and give you an estimation prior to commencing the appraisal.

How long does appraisal process take?
Usually each appraisal takes about 30 minutes; however, if the piece is complicated it will require extra time. We will inform their clients should extra time be necessary.

Do I need to have my old appraisals and sales receipts with me for the appointment?
Yes, if you have any relevant information about your jewellery, old appraisals, or sales receipts we can then verify the content and compare the two documents after we have done our work.

Is my jewellery worth having appraised?
For less expensive items Gem Experts will advise of approximate value so you can decide if you need the item appraised.

Contact us to learn more about our gem consultants and jewelry appraisers.

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